"Karla achieves the perfect blend of professionalism and friendliness. At the beginning of the session she has me take a few deep breaths and quiet my mind as she massages my face and scalp, which helps me relax and enjoy the massage right from the beginning. After that she lets me set the tone as to whether we chat or I have my massage in silence. I like a therapeutic massage, and Karla is always willing to adjust with more or less pressure. I also appreciate that if I ask, she will send me home with stretches I can do on my own on any problem areas."

Laura Perttula

Cloquet, MN

"I have been seeing Karla close to 2 years for chronic neck pain. She focuses on providing me the most effective treatment for my needs at the moment. Karla combines her knowledge, experience and professionalism in each session, improving difficult days and making a good day into a great day."

Sanna McQuillian

Cloquet, MN

"I treat myself to a full-body massage once a month. Karla listens to my concerns and finds those spots that need working on. She gives me information on stretches that I can do on my own to help those 'tight' spots. Karla answers any questions I may have and adjusts pressure as requested. And she plays Christmas music for me in July. The atmosphere is always welcoming. I would highly recommend Karla to anyone looking for a great massage."

Renee M.

Cloquet, MN

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